Thursday, May 22, 2014

to be honest

Finally , the happiness project has come to an end.
I can't really believe this . 
Flash back of the first day of taking part in this project,
it is the first class with Dr Nurul as well.
I remember when we are being introduced to the happiness project , 
I was like " waoh , this is something big ... " , and I'm so interested with it.

After that our group get lost and stuck with the project,
I get stressed out comparing myself to others, 
even juniors work better than me and 
I'm so envy them to have classes with Dr Nurul earlier than us, 
and they are up to the level. 

That's too struggling but I know I have no more time to be wasted,
I don't know what to do with the dustbin but 
I must get something out of the box ! 
Thank God for the inspiration and finally our project get approved. 

I have learned a lot throughout this process of the happiness project of Georgetown.

First of all , the failure in finding the right design solution,looking at the ugly poster, it just can't convince the public to throw the rubbish inside the dustbin. 
In fact we can't do well to educate the public, let's just bring them some fun. We need a lot of reuse materials to build up the De-stress Drum kit. It is so challenging as we are running out of time and we have to watch out of the budget. 
We have no experience in decorate the reused materials and unfortunately, the spray is uneven and it cracks and falls from the surface. 
Honestly there is teamwork communication breakdown in our group, after we decided what need to be done but my group mates doesn't seems to complete it on time. As a friend, I don't know how to urge them to respect the deadlines. Thank you Dr Nurul to ask us must come out with 3 different design, so everyone have no room to escape. 
Basically we work together in looking for the location, build up the prototype and carry out the testing process, so there is no problem with the management of the team.
 In the testing process, we use the real prototype to collect respondent from the public.
The most memorable moments that I have gone through in this project is when we work together to build up the prototype, everyone is so exciting to spray on the materials and we even forget to decorate it pattern. In order to save budgets, we explore to the whole USM to collect the reuse materials as many as we can. I just can't forget people looking at us weirdly and we ignore it and grab all the cups and cans on the table at Subaidah
The fun about this project is we got the chance to try out something new practically and we do learn how's visual communication works. 
As I said, Georgetown is full of murals and it is so common but one day people will get bored with it. The public can interact with our project by playing the drum kit, and most important, the attractive colour of the De-stress drum kit can makes the public feel happy at first sight.It helps everyone in Georgetown release tension as well.  
Happiness is that simple ^^ 

This is my very first exhibition. Once again, thank you very much Dr Nurul for giving us this chance and everyone that help us in our project .

Friday, May 9, 2014

the project status

These are the very first concept 
of branding and promotional for our project.

This is the idea of how to display our project during exhibition .

Actual place with marking.

Layout map .

A more realistic illustration. 

Gotong - Royong hey !

Exhibition for the happiness project is around the corner, 
so we are here to clean up and rearrange our studio. 

basically this is how our studio looks like now,
a better arrangement of tables which is more suitable 
for us to discuss and interact with others.

dinner together after the gotong - royong ,
thank you Dr.Nurul for giving us the chance to have some bonding time .
It's full of happiness indeed !

Friday, May 2, 2014

Details of the prototype

Production of the prototype.

The reuse items as out materials.  

Closed up . 

Our prototype. 

Real place testing

Oh what a sunny day , we did our real place testing for our prototype !!!

Dewan Budaya - Tha School of Arts , USM
The mock location .

Here are some respondents collected .

Mock up production

The idea is there , we are going to make the abandoned places alive !!!!

something to make you happy ,
something wouldn't cost you much ,
and yeah , release tension with no cost !

We are going to set up a de-stress drum kit in the abandoned places . 
Let's get started with producing our mock up .

ta-daa ~ here you go !!!

Brainstorm !

Guess what ? Our group is meeting up for brainstorming ,
just couldn't stop to produce more and more ideas for the happiness project !!!

Discovered the city again and what we have thought 
is to inject the happiness to Georgetown directly !
We found out there are some abandoned places in Georgetown,
so just make those abandoned places alive !!!